In Hilly WOOD image.jpg

In Hilly Wood

by Composer: James Reynolds

In Hilly Wood is a distinctive and evocative new choral piece for 6 voices, reflecting the charged naturalistic sentiments of John Clare's poem of the same title.

Performed by the Queensgate Singers at Holy Trinity, Sloane Square, September 2015.




How sweet to be thus nestling deep in boughs
Upon an ashen stoven pillowing me
Faintly are heard the ploughmen at their ploughs
But not an eye can find its way to see
The sun beams scarce molest me with a smile
So thick the leafy armies gather round
and where they do the breeze blows cool the while
Their leafy shadows dancing on the ground
—Full many a flower too wishing to be seen
Perks up its head the hiding grass between—
In midwood silence thus how sweet to be
Where all the noises that on peace intrude
Comes from the chittering cricket bird and bee
Whose songs have charms to sweeten solitude.

© JamesReynoldsMusic