Hi there. My name is James and I’m a pianist, composer & music teacher working in the Surrey Hills.

I write and perform my own works as well as pieces by contemporary piano legends such as Giovanni Allevi, Einaudi & Chilly Gonzales.

My music has found it’s way on TV trailers across the world, rfrom Poirot to Acer Laptops to Made in Chelsea

For me the Piano is about finding deep connections as a human, creating a space for playfulness & passion, thriving in ecstatic expression.

My work is to challenge the unhelpful idea that classical music is “serious”, and I want to open up this new way of approaching the piano for young pianists and players of any age.

I want to heal, soothe & excite listeners with my playing and it is always a pleasure to play to an audience.


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Beautiful harmonies
— The British Blacklist
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There is a sense of organic development in James’ music, and the execution presented with both clarity and imagination. Clearly, he is a musician with an exceptional ear, a creative mind, and a facility at the instrument.
— Richard Saxel, Pianist.
Evocative, atmospheric
— The Stage
Really Powerful
— BBC Radio 1
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Dreamy choral harmonies
— Timeout

Choral - Composer - Piano

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