Digits we exchange with each other, obsessively,

Digits on a screen that you feel you have such a right to!

Modern day living is just money-based fearing, and

Endless, empty consumption to cover up how we're feeling.

You get told to RESPECT money,

For it upholds the "wheels of all positive activity",

Well... obviously,

But clearly the world in our 'history' has seen no change and nothing different to date...

So why wouldn't you even reflect on the possibility of new visions in this fucked up day and age?

Truly, money is the root of all evil,


All the evil behaviour of this world comes down to the dark corruptible power intrinsic in the very concept of money.

But alas, it's human tradition not to question things that seem unquestionable, solid, 'unchangeable', unthinkable!

Why don't you think deeply for once?

Instead of just presuming that the foundations for this society are acceptable..?

© JamesReynoldsMusic