Christ's Love

A Christmas Time thought to the Story.

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The Sages of this World bow down low to the Christ-Lord that sits atop a High Golden Throne.
That which had once been so meek, so gentle, so mild;
As the milk-white flower, or as a new-blooming Rose -
Infant child whose innocence might dispel even the darkest dreams of Lofty Kings,
He now, even He, has been brought down this low!
Pitiful in rank and crude-base in reputation,
Loathed wholly by all men and reviled by even the Good and the 'well-to-do’ of his day.
Scrambling now amidst harsh brambles of ice-cold thorn,
Stung by the hateful wasps in their Heartless swarm:
He is pinned down in terror,
With no way backwards,
And no way out;
His shameful actions are irreve
rsible, and,
Tangled into bloodied ropes fashioned so as to never release e’en the most wild and abhorrent beast,
He is hauled down into burning pit of a red-flamed Underworld,
Serving only for his pain, only for his Torture and only for his sad-bitter sorrow..

And there he will sit, Alone, in a cold lightless world, waiting,
All hope remaining now buried deep, Gone,
All forward thinking shattered now completely into idle dreaming and to hopeless Nothing.

What once was, is now but fine dust.

Yet even here,

                  Even in this,

                                  And even Now,

When all lights are utterly diminished and gone out,

Does he find such solace that is worthy to be crowned,
As the Jewel of all Human Experience,
Through the Utter Despair is he shown the Flame that is Divine,
That Pure, The Imperishable, Angelic presence,
Channelled through such a Discovery that cannot be discovered,
But only revealed to Mortals by unseen Grace herself.

Through Christ we taste this Peace to be real, to be the Living, to be the True.
It becomes our daily bread and our day-to-day joy,
Replacing the old and the wearied, the lost and tired and the False;
This ever-suffering façade is what we all want no more of!

So let us, this Christmas, wish this gift deeply for the World,
And bestowed upon the Beloved ones around us, who are close to us:
To enter this new life and this new Joy,
To discover this new-found peace and the True Rest that our age-old imploring souls have incessantly sought,
Since the Beginning of Time,
Since the First Word;
And so Now, this becomes our First Step,
Into a New Age,
Where the Dust and the Throne are no longer divided,
But they are one and the same,

They are one

And the same

© JamesReynoldsMusic